U.S. Border Agent Arrested

A Customs Border Protection Officer has been arrested for allowing his brother-in-law, a federal fugitive, into the U.S. officials said.

Thomas Silva, 33, was arrested Friday while working at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on charges of concealing a person from arrest.

Two years ago, the CBP claimed the nine-year veteran officer was allowing people with fake immigration papers to pass through the port of entry. That allegation launched an investigation by the FBI Border Corruption Task Force (BCTF).

In April, Silva allowed Julio Cesar Landaverde Valdez, a convicted human smuggler and federal fugitive to enter the U.S. agents said. Valdez is Silva’s brother-in-law according to officials.

A person was hidden in the dashboard inside the vehicle carrying Valdez and another person agents said.

Silva also faces charges of wire fraud for a 2011 claim regarding the theft of his personal vehicle. Agents said Silva was part of a scheme to defraud Farmers Insurance of $7,329.

He appeared in federal court Monday afternoon and was ordered held without bail. 

The BCTF is composed of the CBP-Internal Affairs, CBP-Field Operations, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), USAO, and the FBI.

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