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Crook Smashes Window, Steals Cash Box From Miramar Cidery

A frustrated business owner went looking for the man who stole a cash box from his Miramar-based cidery.

Security video shows a man wearing a hoodie sweatshirt smash a window at Serpentine Cider in the Miralani Makers’ District in Miramar Friday morning. The man was inside less than 20 seconds and left through the same window with a cash box.

“Fortunately this is the only window he broke,” said Serpentine Cider owner Sean Harris.

Harris said he got a call from his security company around 4:30 AM. He found a shattered window near the front door to his cidery which shares the space with the Lost Cause Meadery and The Good Seed Food Company.

“This is my baby and don’t screw with a man’s baby,” said Harris. “We put pretty much our entire life savings into it.”

Harris said there was a few hundred dollars inside the cash box. He was frustrated because this is the second time someone broke into his business. Someone stole all his tools he used to build the cidery right before it opened three years ago.

“It, it hits you right in the heart. It hurts,” he said. “The first time it happened I was devastated.”

That would explain why Harris left Serpentine Cider after seeing the security video.

“I definitely went out looking for him, which I probably shouldn’t have done,” he admitted.

Harris said he didn’t find the man but hoped the San Diego Police do.

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