Mercedes Crashes Through Dead End Barrier, Lands on Roof in Rose Canyon

A woman was rescued early Monday after her Mercedes crashed 90 feet down into a canyon in University City.

The vehicle broke through a barrier set up at the end of Regents Road and landed on its roof in Rose Canyon Open Space Park.

TJ Zerr lives along nearby Lahitte Court and said the sound of the crash woke him up just before midnight.

“We came out with a bunch of the other neighbors and one of the neighbors went down and got to the car and the woman before police got here,” Zerr said.

San Diego Fire-Rescue crews carried the woman up the canyon on a stretcher before transporting her to Scripps La Jolla. [[314538721,C]]

Zerr has lived on the street for three years and said he’s seen at least five or six collisions with the wooden fence marking the end of Regents Road before the open space park.

“The width of the road appears to be a highway I think to most people who aren’t from this neighborhood,” he said. “People don’t realize it’s going to come to a stop.”

In another incident, a driver went through the wall on his property and landed in his back yard, Zerr said.

He’d like to see the city should add more improvements to keep drivers from traveling at high speeds along the road.

“And make a change to the physical construction of the road that would make it impossible to get the speeds that people are getting before it’s too late,” Zerr said.

Officials say the driver suffered bumps and bruises. She is expected to faces charges of driving under the influence, according to San Diego Police.

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