COVID Catch 22: San Diegans Want to Stay Safe, But They Also Want to Get Back to Having Fun

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COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, according to the latest data released Thursday by San Diego County. 

Weekly average cases have more than tripled in the past 30 days. The county is averaging more than 1,200 cases each day, but those are just the cases officially reported to the county, which does not include at-home testing.

The number of hospitalizations doubled from May 1, but not at the same pace as COVID cases. There are now 199 patients hospitalized with COVID across the county. The highest number was in January 2021 when there were 1,700 hospitalizations countywide.

As cases rise, FOMO, or fear of mission out, is increasing too. Some people have already missed out on events like proms and graduations that have been canceled during the last two years. Businesses that struggled with restrictions are now struggling without the restrictions. A COVID Catch 22?

It’s still wreaking havoc in my life, daily,” said Panama 66 restaurant manager Jeff Motch, who also owns a restaurant in Normal Heights.

“I’m on a text thread with other owners and we just text each other about how horrible it is to stay staffed and stay opened," Motch added. “Right now, it’s moving so quickly through small groups of people that I see places where their whole staff has tested positive.”

But Motch points out the difference between having restrictions and not having restrictions. “The difference is, two years ago I knew people who were dying, and right now I don’t know anybody in the hospital, so it’s a far different thing we’re dealing with.”

Motch said he hopes something good will come from all this.

“My hope is in all of this we realize when somebody is sick, they need some days off. Right now, it’s a mandatory five days if you test positive, but if you have the flu, stay home.” 

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