Ashley Matthews

Coronado Teen Gives the Gift of Warmth to Homeless

"Any one donation you can give helps somebody, makes their day," the teen said

For eight years, a young, warm-hearted Coronado resident has been making a difference, one blanket at a time.

When Avery Dozier was just 8 years old, she started collecting clothes and blankets for the homeless.

With each year, her collection goal has grown.

"When I was 8 years old I was running in Balboa Park with my mom, and I was just really upset there were so many people sleeping out in the cold," Dozier said. "That day, I wanted my mom to go out and buy blankets so we could give them out to the people who were sleeping there."

Since then, Dozier has been collecting supplies for the homeless to help keep them warm. She is now 16, which means she's been on this mission for half of her life.

It has become a family affair, with her siblings also finding joy in helping.

"Handing someone a gift and seeing them unwrap it and how it just makes their day was such a cool feeling, knowing that you're helping someone," said Dozier’s brother, Austin.

Dozier proves that anyone can make a difference, at any age.

"Anything helps," she said. "Any one donation you can give helps somebody, makes their day."

And there is still plenty of time to donate clothes and blankets to help Dozier’s cause.

Those willing to donate can drop off supplies at the front office of Coronado High School.

Dozier said she will be collecting donations until the end of January.  

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