Construction Begins at Point Loma Intersection Where Infant Died

Construction has begun at a Point Loma crosswalk, the scene of a stroller crash that left a seven-month-old infant dead and a father with serious injuries in March. 

In March, Juniper Aavang and her father were hit by an SUV while crossing Canon Street at a marked crosswalk. The mother made it across, but the driver of the SUV turning from Catalina Boulevard did not see the father and stroller.

City officials say they are putting up another traffic signal and re-stripe the crosswalk, but neighbors do not think it will be enough. 

One man who lives in the area thinks that entire stretch of road should be shut down. 

"I really think that that should be completely shut down," said Monica Jackson, a resident. "That new light is just going to give a false sense of security. All these cars whip around that corner quickly and there's not be time to stop, and so it wouldn't surprise me if something like that happened again."

Other neighbors in the area want to see Canon Street closed from Talbot to Catalina and are proposing a small park in memory of Juniper.

An NBC 7 map of accidents in Point Loma shows at least eight other accidents in that exact same area in the past few years. There have been 78 other accidents in the general vicinity of that intersection. None of those were fatal, according to police data, though 96 people have been injured.

Residents in the area said they want to propose a small park in memory of Juniper and hope to meet with city traffic engineers and Councilwoman Laurie Zapf to possibly come up with a plan to move forward. 

City officials said they hope the improvements will increase visibility and improve safety at the intersection. 

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