Concert Box-Office Bungle for Mission Hills Woman

Lynn Stedd-White called NBC 7 Responds for help with a resale ticket website and her tickets for a Humphrey’s by the Bay concert.

Lynn Stedd-White and her sister had a great time during last year’s “Happy Together” tour at Humphrey’s By The Bay, so they decided to do it again. 

“We were so blown away because it was fabulous, so I thought that why don’t we make it a mini-vacation this year,” Lynn told NBC 7 Responds. 

In May, Lynn said she went online to find a ticket package. The package included dinner, a room at Humphrey’s Half Moon Bay Inn as well as tickets to see popular 1960’s rock acts like The Turtles, The Association, Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night, and other groups. 

She said she wound up on a website called BoxOfficeTickets.com, found a package for two and made the purchase. But when she printed the tickets, she noticed something that struck her as unusual. 

“I printed out the tickets and I noticed that my name was not on the tickets,” Lynn said. 

It wasn’t just that her name wasn’t on the tickets but that there was another person’s name on them. That was when Lynn discovered she had accidentally logged on to a resale ticket website, and the name on the ticket was the person that bought and later sold the tickets for a profit. 

Lynn decided to take the tickets to Humphrey’s Half Moon Bay to make sure her reservation would be honored. They weren’t. 

“They needed to have my name on the tickets,” said Lynn. “If this was just a seat at a concert it wouldn’t matter but since it was a package, the hotel can’t recognize somebody else’s name.” 

Lynn said she called BoxOfficeTickets but said she continued to get transferred to voicemail. 

She called Humphrey’s back hoping for some help. 

“They have policies, I understand that, but I really was hoping for some assistance because I thought I can’t be the first person that this has happened to.” 

That’s when she decided to contact NBC 7 Responds. 

We reached out to Humphrey’s and they told us that Lynn’s name had to be on the tickets in order to reserve a room. But, in an act of good faith, Humphrey’s made the decision to honor her reservation. 

“It can so easily happen because everything says TicketMaster on it and it’s not,” Lynn said. 

NBC 7 Responds contacted BoxOfficeTickets.com regarding Lynn’s situation. 

Andrew Hilger, an attorney for the website provided the following statement, “The Box Office Tickets website states prominently on the first page and other places on the site, ‘We are a resale marketplace. Prices may exceed face value. This site is not owned by any venue.’ Nothing on the site should lead any customer to believe she was on the website for Ticketmaster or the venue."

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