Collection Notice for Ambulance Ride Sent to Kindergartner's Classroom

Jill said the collection notice was sent to Chloe’s school, addressed to her daughter.

A Point Loma mother called NBC 7 Responds after her daughter received a collection notice at school. 

It was a day Jill Kirby and her daughter will never forget. 

“I punched my hand through a window,” four-year-old Chloe said. 

“She ended up going to the trauma center, needing emergency surgery, blood transfusion, the whole bit,” Jill said. 

Chloe has a nasty scar to remind her of that day. Her mother Jill has a collection notice from the ambulance company, Rural/Metro, to remind her of that day. 

“I opened up her backpack and there was a letter addressed to her at school and it looked like a bill,” Jill said. 

Jill said the collection notice was sent to Chloe’s school, addressed to her daughter. At first, Jill said she was confused because the family had already paid Rural/Metro for the ambulance ride. Then, she said, it made her mad, especially as she tried to straighten out the problem. 

“They wanted information specific to my daughter including name, insurance company, they wanted the insurance number and some other information and I said no and hung up,” Jill said. 

Jill said her biggest concern was her daughter’s privacy and how the collection notice could impact her future credit. Every time she contacted Rural/Metro, Jill said she was asked for more information about the bill. 

Frustrated, Jill contacted NBC 7 Responds for help. 

NBC 7 Responds spoke with Rural/Metro representatives and were told the Kirby’s billing would stop and all of Chloe’s personal information would be wiped clean. 

This isn’t the first time NBC 7 Responds has looked into issues surrounding Rural/Metro ambulance collections. To see those stories, click here.  

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