Cold Storm Bearing Down

Girl catches snow on her tongue
Peter Chigmaroff

Firefighters are beefing up staffing levels in snow prone areas this weekend as a cold Pacific storm heads down the coast to San Diego County.

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“This staffing will assist in response times when we receive multiple calls in these areas due to the weather,” said Fire Captain Mike Mohler.

The increased staffing will remain in effect until Sunday morning.

“At which time it will be evaluated,” said Mohler.

Heavy showers were forecasted for Friday evening and then steady rain was expected to move in Friday night.

“Along with the rain we'll see strong, gusty winds out of the northwest and then switching around from the west through Saturday,” said forecaster Whitney Southwick.

A wind advisory was in effect from 4 p.m. Friday to 10 a.m. Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. Some gusts could hit 50 mph in the mountains and deserts.

“Early Saturday, the core of the storm is due to arrive,” said Southwick. “This will really be a cold one with temperatures topping out mostly in the upper 40s.”

We could see half an inch of rain at the coast and up to maybe an inch and half in the wettest valleys.

“In the foothills we could get twice that and in the mountains it will be bitterly cold, low 20s. But, with the snow and wind it will feel even colder,” said Southwick.

The snow level could drop below 1500 feet.

“That means snow is a possibility in place like Alpine or maybe even the hills above Lakeside or Escondido,” said Southwick.

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