Coalition of San Diego Women Call on Darrell Issa to Withdraw Trump Endorsement

Congressman Darrell Issa, from the 49th Congressional District, condemned Donald Trump's comments about women but did not withdraw his support

A group of women who say they've had to grit their teeth and bear being sexually harassed are urging Congressman Darrell Issa to stand with them by withdrawing his support for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

The women, who represent various groups from across Southern California, held a news conference at UC San Diego Tuesday morning in a free speech zone on the campus.

"Congressman Issa, do you endorse this war on women? Do you endorse the grabbing and groping? The hands up skirts? The unwanted kiss? The sexual assault?" Dale Kelly Bankhead, Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Union, said. "If you do not, then you will withdraw your endorsement of Donald Trump."

They say they're tired of being grabbed and groped by their bosses, teachers and coworkers, and then ridiculed for protesting.

They want Congressman Issa to pull his endorsement of Donald Trump for president, like Republican leaders and other candidates have done.

After the Access Hollywood tape came out, Issa told NBC7 he would not withdrawing support for Trump and referred NBC 7 to a Facebook post he made over the weekend condemning Trump’s words.

A statement from Issa's spokesperson said the Congressman has previously condemned Trump's behavior. 

"Congressman Issa has a been a leader on sexual assault reform, the President signing the Survivors Bill of Rights which he sponsored into law earlier this month. If candidate's treatment of women is going to become a litmus test in this election, then these groups should consider withdrawing their support for his opponent who the California Superior Court made clear has a “harassing and inappropriate” history of abusive behavior towards women so bad that a judge forced him to surrender his firearms to the police to protect them," a statement from his office read.

Issa's 49th Congressional District stretches from Del Mar, all the way up through San Diego coastal suburbs through Oceanside, Camp Pendleton and into Orange County’s Dana Point. With a large presence of military voters, the district has traditionally had a strong Republican registration advantage.

However, the 49th District has large populations of female, affluent, well-educated voters with whom Trump is unlikely to do well.

Congressman Issa, do you endorse this war on women? Do you endorse the grabbing and groping? The hands up skirts? The unwanted kiss? The sexual assault? If you do not, then youy will withjdraw your endoresement of Donald Trump...Crowd cheers...

Issa’s 49th district is becoming a battleground seat, and he's in a tight race with Democrat Doug Applegate, a retired Marine colonel.

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