Clearing Up Eyeglass Confusion

A La Mesa Woman is seeing clearly after NBC 7 Responds helped her with a glasses purchase.

“I can see near and then after that, momma needs glasses,” Susan Laurenzi told NBC 7 Responds.

Last August, Susan went to Stanton Optical at Grossmont Center in La Mesa. She said she saw a sign out front advertising a promotion for two glasses for $69. 

Susan said she paid for an eye exam and then purchased two pairs of glasses as part of the promotion, receiving the glasses that day.

Two weeks later, Susan said she went back to Stanton Optical to take advantage of the promotion for a second time. She ordered three sets of lenses and bought another pair of glasses, again for the $69 promotion.

Months went by, Susan said, and the glasses never came.

“I kept trying to get the glasses made because they had my money already and I figured, well, let me keep trying,” Susan said. “But then it got to be January, February March and this was from September.”

Susan said she called Stanton Optical to inquire about her order.

“I finally said, ‘forget it, let me just get a refund. Is that OK?’ Susan told NBC 7 Responds. “And they said, ‘no, we can’t give you a refund because you paid for four glasses and you have two and I go.' ‘Wait a minute, I paid for those first two.’”

Susan said she took her receipts and pairs of glasses to the store.

“They were getting their story confused and I kept trying to sort it out and I had my receipts and I brought all of my frames and the glasses,” said Susan.

Added Susan, “I don’t know how this went off the track but it did. So after an hour of waiting, I threw my hands up and it’s very true, I said ‘that’s it, I’ve had it.' They got upset with me and I got upset with them at one point. It just got to that place. Unfortunately, we all have a line.”

Susan felt like she was losing out on the $166 that she paid for the three sets of lenses and pair of glasses.

When she couldn’t get answers from Stanton Optical, Susan said she turned to NBC 7 Responds for help.

“Suddenly within 24 hours, no lie, of [NBC7 Responds] reaching out, they responded,” she said.

In a statement to NBC 7 Responds, Stanton Optical said they refunded Susan for the second order she placed and gave her a new pair of prescription sunglasses for free.

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