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What to consider when adopting a dog, according to an animal communicator

Lydia Hiby gives potential dog adopters tips on what to consider before entering the shelter

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If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a dog, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

If you're big into exercise, you might want a furry friend who can keep up on some long trails. If you work in an office full-time, having a pet that doesn't get separation anxiety is another aspect to consider.

Most importantly, when you enter an animal shelter, you should bring lots of positive energy, according to animal communicator Lydia Hiby.

Hiby, who has been working with pets for the past 38 years, says "positive affirmation" is important because even with the pets you don't adopt, you'll be able to project a positive aura that will influence their lives.

Here are a few things Hiby recommends considering before adoption:

How much exercise does my breed need?

Hiby says it's important to know the potential temperaments of the dog breed you are adopting.

She says owners should ask themselves, "What's going to work for me energetically, and what's going to work for me physically?"

For instance, if your home has stairs and you adopt a senior dog, are you able to carry it up and down?

How often will my dog need someone to be at home?

This one is tricky.

Our furry friends have gotten used to having their owners home with them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, many workplaces have switched over to a hybrid system instead of a full-time in-office policy,

Hiby recommends owners ask themselves how often they will actually be at home before choosing a pet, as some are better on their own than others.

The last thing owners want is for their lovable pets to feel increased separation anxiety.

Take time to reflect before entering the shelter

When it comes to actually selecting a dog to adopt, Hiby recommends that people search deeply within themselves to figure out which breed would be the best fit.

"I always suggest that you close your eyes for a minute and tell your higher self, 'I want be able to go in and know confidently whose the best animal for me,'" Hiby said.

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