City Pension Payouts Up 11 Percent

More than 800 former San Diego city employees received pension payments of at least $100,000 in 2014

A new report shows 809 San Diego city retirees received payouts of at least $100,000 last year, an 11 percent increase from 2013.

The report, released by Transparent California, also stated that 22 retirees received payouts of more than $500,000 in 2014. Transparent California compiles compensation data on public employees.

Number 1 on that compensation list was former Park and Recreation Deputy Director Kathleen Hasenauer, who received $756,203.

The next three highest payouts were:

  • Marvin Terry, police agent, received $733,319.
  • James Filley, police lieutenant, received $680,009
  • William Pepper, fire captain, received $658,629.

Most of that money come from the controversial deferred retirement option plan called DROP. DROP allows an employee to officially retire but continue working for up to five years.

Upon retirement, the accumulated balance can be withdrawn as a lump sum payment or rolled over into an annuity.

The majority of the big pension payouts on Transparent California's list went to police or fire retirees.

The City of San Diego eliminated the DROP program for new hires as of 2006. Critics believe the program allows for double-dipping at the taxpayer expense. Supporters say DROP allows the city to keep veteran employees.

NBC7 reached out to the city of San Diego about the report, but our email request for comment was not returned.

To see the full report, click here.

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