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‘I'm Opposed to the Location': City Heights Community Speaks Out About a Proposed Fire Station

Leisureland Mobile Villa community members and local environmentalists held a meeting on Saturday to voice their concerns with the proposed Fairmount Fire Station

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“I’m not opposed necessarily to a fire station, but I’m opposed to the location,” Leisureland Resident Coyote Brown said.

The Fairmount Fire Station project which is projected to be over 18,000 square feet is slated to be built near 47th Street and Fairmount Avenue.

“It's on a situation where the land is first of all, sand, it's built up, it's, it's absolute insultation type of development. There is very sensitive lands below it, wetlands,” Sierra Club San Diego Chapter Conservation Chair George Courser.

According to Saturday’s meeting organizers, the cost of the fire station would be approximately $22 million dollars.

“I’m concerned for the questions I asked inside. The street that we live on the heavy trucks coming down our street in this neighborhood is for cars it’s made just for these cars what’s the impact of heavy equipment,” Leisureland Mobile Villa resident Coyote Brown said.

Additional concerns expressed at the meeting were the potential noise, and drainage issues.

According to the meetings organizers, the sirens and fire station activity would cause a noise concern with it being adjacent to the Leisureland community which is a senior living community.

Additionally, meeting organizers claim there would be storm water runoff issues at the proposed site due to the sites proximity to wetlands.

The City of San Diego did not return NBC San Diego’s request for comment.  

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