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City Council Approves Major Infrastructure and Housing Changes for Mission Valley

The Mission Valley Community Plan Update which will bring over 25,000 new housing units to the area was approved by City Council on Tuesday.

Mission Valley's new community plan, which has not been updated since 1985, will increase housing, improve walkability and increase the amount of open spaces, the city said. This comes as a response to San Diego’s changing demographics and increased demand for high density housing.

San Diego City Council unanimously approved a plan on Tuesday to increase Mission Valley’s housing capacity by adding 28,000 housing units which will increase overall units from 11,200 to 39,200 by 2050. These units will be built in mixed-unit zones with restaurants and shops interspersed.

“We need to build more housing and these community plans serve as the catalysts for construction as we plan for the future,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said.

The update also includes plans to build two new schools, two recreation centers, one aquatics complex, and a joint police and fire station.

As of September, the city reported only 600 people lived and worked in Mission Valley. Over 40,000 people commute daily to jobs in Mission Valley which increases congestion, according to the city.

Those who may move to Mission Valley in the coming years will also be treated to an additional 160 acres of parks and open spaces. The city hopes to utilize the San Diego River as a recreational space.

“We’re tackling this housing crisis from all angles, with reforms to speed up development and remove the hurdles that block new housing, to make sure that our children and grandchildren can raise their families here in San Diego,” Mayor Faulconer added.

The plan’s update may expand roads and improve traffic flow with over $300 million in funds. They aim to add more sidewalks and over 16 miles of bicycle-friendly areas.

Planners looked to other areas like Glendale, California and Fairfax County, Virginia for inspiration in building a “vibrant community that draws commuters, residents and visitors.”

The Mission Valley planning area encompasses about 3,200 acres of land in the geographic center of San Diego.

“The Mission Valley Community Plan Update is a no-brainer that will increase desperately needed housing stock, improve amenities for residents and will help the city meet its climate action goals,” said City Councilmember Scott Sherman.

“I appreciate my council colleagues for approving this important community plan update.”

The complete plan can be found here.

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