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Chula Vista Approves $400 Million Incentive Package to Lure Amazon

The proposal includes a 26-story tower and multiple buildings

City leaders in Chula Vista, California approved a $400 million incentive package Tuesday, hoping to become Amazon’s prime location for its second headquarters.

In an homage to the online book seller's roots, Chula Vista's bid is a 48-page book called "Welcome Home Amazon.”

The incentives include a shovel-ready office location at the Millenia Development on Millenia Avenue and Birch Road.

Ten million dollars in development fees would be forgiven and the city would pay back property taxes for 30-years.

Amazon would also get land and the opportunity to co-create Chula Vista's proposed university.

“We can have a university there creating a workforce especially for them,” Mayor Mary Casillas Salas said. “Drawing on a talented pool of employees we have in all of the San Diego region."

The online retail giant is advertising to cities across the country its plan to build a $5 billion facility.

HQ2 could create up to 50,000 jobs with average salaries near $100,000 a year, Amazon officials say.

“In this project there are going to be permanent long lasting jobs for generations of Chula Vistans to come,” said an excited John Moot, former Deputy Mayor of Chula Vista.

With housing costs lower than other cities in the county, according to the city’s marketing plan and things like walkable neighborhoods near Millenia, the developer's team is optimistic about Chula Vista's chance to land Amazon.

“We really do have a chance because we meet or exceed every requirement they put in there,” said Millenia developer Lee Chesnut.

But some Chula Vistans are concerned Amazon could spark increased traffic and housing costs similar to what's happened in Seattle where its headquartered.

One of the ways you don’t get priced out of the market is higher paying jobs and higher wages,” said Mayor Salas.

The City of Chula Vista is submitting its bid on Thursday.

San Diego has also announced it is entering the selection process.

Amazon says it’ll make a decision sometime in 2018.

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