Lights Turn on in Chicano Park

Barrio Logan residents gathered Saturday to celebrating the lighting of Chicano Park.

The park tucked underneath the San Diego Bay Bridge along Interstate 5 recently designated as an historic place, will now be lighted at night.

Victor Ochoa with the Barrio Art Association says the new lights will make the park more family friendly.

“We want to show a little bit of enlightenment that we are working professionally to make this place look more for la familia,” Ochoa said.

In March 2013, the park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places mainly because of the murals that were created at a time when the Chicano community was fighting for civil rights

The community is battling negative stereotypes, Ochoa said.

“This is something we've been dealing with for centuries. But we want to show a little bit of enlightenment,” he said.

More improvements are in the works. The community is working to add new restrooms to the park and a tiny tots play area.

I think it also shows the art can be one of those solutions, or part of the solution of some of those issues that we've got to be dealing with."

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