Check Your Bills, They Might Be Fake

You might want to check out the dollar bills you have been receiving. The Chula Vista Police Department has noticed a recent increase in the number of counterfeit money cases being reported. 

“This form of fraud can be costly for both individuals and businesses,” Agent Matt Smith said.  “Anyone who knowingly passes counterfeit US currency can be charged with felony crimes under California law and also face federal charges.”

Police are advising people accepting US currency to carefully evaluate the bills.  Be particularly alert to people who are passing numerous bills and evaluate each one individually.  In addition, be aware of persons who are making inexpensive purchases in an attempt to "break" larger bills.  A cashier should also be alert to people trying to distract or confuse them while handling money. 

“Merely relying on the iodine marking pen used by many retail stores is not sufficient, as people involved with the passing of counterfeit currency know how to defeat the pen,” Smith said.  “In addition, the pen will not work on genuine bills with altered denominations, as the paper on which they are printed is genuine US currency paper.”

Individuals or businesses that have accepted counterfeit money (and still have it in their possession), should contact their local police department or the United States Secret Service.

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