Carlsbad Marathoners Prepare for Heat

It’s not easy running a marathon, especially in the blazing weather we’ve been having. The 10,000 runners for Sunday’s Carlsbad full and half marathon have that in mind as they prepare for the race.

“It's gonna be a little bit warmer, so I've been hydrating since yesterday, drinking a lot of Gatorade, water,” said runner Tina Stillions.

This is normally a cold weather race. This time last year, it was cold and blustery. This year, organizers are mindful of the potential dangers the heat could pose for runners and so they're taking extra precaution. As organizers begin their pre-race setup, one thing a visitor notices: water.

“We typically order 12,000 individual bottles,” Christine Adams CEO In Motion, Inc., which organizes the race. “We have about 9,000 finishers, so we have more than one for every person. But we've upped that by more than 10 percent.”

Also, three medical stations will be set up along the course and at the finish line. There will be doctors on bicycles and race guards.

“We have a medical tent at the finish line, a full field hospital ready to transport or treat as needed,” Adams said.

Organizers are hoping early start times for the races will benefit the runners. The full marathon starts at 6:15 a.m. and the half starts at 7:45.

“I hope it’s still cool when I finish, probably in the 60s when I finish, not in the 70s yet,” said runner Michael White. “That’s my goal, to beat the heat by running fast.”

“We're definitely drinking water, but we're hoping the sun doesn't really hit its peak until about noon, when we should be done by then,” added runner Arlene Ashton.

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