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New Canadian Airline Swoops Into San Diego International Airport

Canadian Airliner, Swoop Airlines hopes to carry a heavy presence in San Diego.

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A Canadian airliner is expanding its flight offerings with a connection to San Diego International.

Swoop is 3 years old and primarily focused on domestic Canadian trips and is now adding international flights.

“San Diego has been on our future route map for quite a while. We believe in the city; we think Canadians will embrace the city of San Diego and as a new Canadian ULLC we are very keen on expanding our network,” Swoop Airlines Head of Finance Bert Van Der Stege said.

Passengers on the inaugural flight to San Diego added that the new nonstop option is convenient and opens up more opportunities in the future.

The U.S. will officially ease and reopen for international travel on Nov.8.

“We’ve immediately seen a rapid rise in demand, and we are keen on helping promote San Diego becoming an even more attractive tourist destination,” Van Der Stege said.

Van Der Stege does not anticipate there being administrative issues because of employees refusing to vaccinate causing a slowdown in operations.

“It is a mandatory requirement in Canada, so every passenger and all of our staff have to be fully vaccinated. I’m very pleased to report that over 98% of all our staff declared voluntarily that they are fully vaccinated,” Van Der Stege said.

Swoop Airlines executives and San Diego County Regional Airport Authority said expansions like Swoops and the return to normal travel will give a boost to the economy in both countries.

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