Campo Man Plans Legal Action After Pit Bull Attack

Dan Hare calls it a horrible attack. His year-and-a-half-old Bull Mastiff named Ziggy was being mauled by a pack of pit bulls he says had dug underneath his fence. Ziggy suffered more than 350 puncture wounds, according to Hare.

“Like a deer. It was like a dead deer, and they were just ripping him apart at both ends," said Hare, 52, of Campo.

Hare said last Saturday, five pit bulls belonging to his neighbor dug under the fence on Oak Drive in Campo. He told NBC 7 as he tried to save Ziggy, a fifth pit bull attacked him. Hare suffered severe bite wounds to his hand, wrist and leg. He also suffered ankle and back injuries.

“These dogs got a taste of blood, especially the one that really worked me, and once that’s done, I know dogs and I love dogs, but once they get a taste of blood, they’re going to come back under the fence again,” said Hare

Now, Hare is planning to file a civil lawsuit against his neighbor to cover his veterinary and medical costs and lost wages.

Hare said he was also bitten three weeks ago by one of the pit bulls, and the neighbor assured him it wouldn’t happen again.

“They called me and apologized. They’ve been pretty nice people and everything. I have no problem with them, but it can’t get any worse than this,” said Hare.

The neighbors were not immediately available for comment. A locked fence surrounded the property with prominent "beware of dog" signs.

Meanwhile, six pit bulls have been impounded and are now under quarantine at the Bonita Animal Shelter. After an investigation, county animal services will determine what will happen with the pit bulls.

If the dogs are allowed to return home, Hare said he will be forced to take drastic action should it happen again.

“I will drop them in the yard. I don’t want to have to do that, I don’t want to have to kill their dogs, but I’m not going to play this game, where I have to hide when I come out of my house. It’s ridiculous,” said Hare.

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