Camp Pendleton Marine Missing, Family Desperate for Answers

John Hair has been missing since October 7

A Camp Pendleton Marine, who went missing days before he was scheduled to report for duty, is now the subject of a missing person investigation in San Diego County.

Lance Corporal John Hair was last seen at the Oceanside Transit Station on Oct. 7 after returning from a two-week leave to visit his mother in Fresno, California. Security cameras at the station captured him at train stations in Los Angeles and Oceanside but his whereabouts after are unknown.

Hair's family told NBC 7 they are worried something may have happened to him.

“Every time I have talked to him, every time I have texted him or called him, even if he didn't answer right away, he answered eventually,” his sister Melissa Hair said.

She spoke with NBC 7 on the phone from her home in Stockton and said no one has heard from Hair in five days.

“All I know at this point, by this point in time, it can't be good,” she said.

Michelle said her brother loved the Marine Corps and that he had been looking forward to his duty overseas, something she added makes his disappearance that much more mysterious.

“I don't think he would do this on purpose. That is not him. That's not what he's like,” she said.

Security cameras appear to show that Hair had been walking westward from the train station and toward the ocean. He was dressed in a maroon baseball T-shirt with gray sleeves, blue jeans, black and white converse sneakers.

The family told NBC 7 they have checked at locations Hair used to frequent often, such as the bars, shops and movie house on Pier View Way in Oceanside. But no one has seen him. 

They said they are anxious for any word from him or anyone who may know of his whereabouts.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department said they are actively investigating Hair's disappearance. For now, the case remains open.

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