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La Jolla Water Gear Rental Shop Adopts New Measures to Decrease Crowd on Beaches

Small businesses are continuing to adapt to new regulations and safety measures, and that includes those that operate in the ocean

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Everyday California in La Jolla rents out kayaks, surfboards and paddleboards and with locals eager to get back to the water, the retailer is imposing limitations on its rentals to ensure it does not overcrowd the ocean.

Not only is the store following county and state guidelines, but it's also putting regulations in place to limit how many people can rent at a time -- a self-imposed effort to decrease the number of individuals on beaches.

Right now, the store is only allowing two kayaking rentals every 30 minutes and two paddleboard rentals every 30 minutes.

Everyday California is also sanitizing all gear between uses, requires customers and staff to wear a facemask and mandates a six feet distance from one another.

One thing that they're not doing, however, is giving kayaking tours.

“We’re definitely having a difficult time because we fall kind of in a gray area between the stage two and the stage three opening. So we’re not actually allowed to do kayak tours right now but we feel like we should be because it’s actually safer to be on the ocean with a couple of people than it is to maybe be inside a restaurant,” explained Chris Lynch, Co-owner of Everyday California.

Double kayaks are available but can only be used by members of the same household.

The store is also limiting the number of people who visit their location to around 10 when shopping inside the store.

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