Defensible Space Saved Homes in San Diego Firestorm

Father and son Wayne and Dan Veres watched from Palomar Medical Center as the smoke from the Cocos Fire surrounded their Harmony Grove home.

"I grew up there. I help build it. I don't want to lose it," son Dan Veres said.

The two evacuated voluntarily Wednesday afternoon when they saw the sun disappear in a cloud of smoke.

While they have never experienced anything like this Wayne says he received wildfire training for homeowners from San Marcos fire Department, and took precautions.

He cleared some 300 feet of brush from the front and 150 feet around the rest of his home.

Before leaving he charged both fire hoses, filled a wading pool with water and removed all flammables from the yard.

Defensible space is a proven way to save lives and property.

Aerial photography of the Cocos Fire, shows several homeowners who took that safety tip seriously
and are happy they did.

"We did everything we thought was right. Let's hope it works," Wayne said.

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