Brazen Burglar Targets Sleeping Residents

Police warned the public Thursday about a series of brazen burglaries where a prowler enters homes while residents are sleeping and steals purses and wallets.

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The burglar roams neighborhoods and looks into windows to see if there are purses or if other valuables in plain sight and then enters the homes through unlocked doors or windows, police said.  The crimes all occurred during the late night or early morning hours.

Homes on Nicholas Place, Alveda Avenue, Craigmont Street, Balsam Court, Granite Hills Drive, Dumar Avenue and Norran Avenue have all been targeted, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. 

They are asking residents of El Cajon to be vigilant in minimizing their risk as victims. This includes closing and locking all doors and windows, ensuring all residential exterior lighting is functioning, and placing valuables in areas not easily seen by a prowler.

Anyone with information in regards to these crimes is encouraged to contact El Cajon Police Detective Wining at  619-441-1590.

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