Bravo! Youth Chamber Choir Stitches Together Breathtaking Global Performance

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Chamber Bravura hasn’t lost their sound.

While most are seeking new ways to express themselves, this choral group is venturing down a new path, looking past their threshold and to what lies beyond our borders.

More than 60 choir members rallied together to create what they’re calling a virtual choir people, relying on the voices of choir members from all over to record their singing parts remotely from home. The result? A multi-layered virtual concert featuring voices from San Diego to China.

One of the vocalists Savannah Ashley said meshing the different sounds wasn’t easy.

Savannah says transitioning performances meant for live audiences wasn’t easy. Performing remotely meant no vocal warm-ups together and no fancy equipment.

"Everyone would email me their tracks…very, like home DIY," project architect and Chamber Bravura member Savannah Ashley said.

Chamber Bravura teamed up with collegiate choral programs at NYU Shanghai and NYU Steinhardt to make this collaboration a reality and honor our health care workers fighting on the frontlines.

The vocalists who partook in the creative project are students in middle school, high school and college. Ten states and 14 different cities across China are represented, according to Chamber Bravura.

Ashley said the experience has been more than just singing. It’s been an opportunity to connect with others on a global level and learn about what their world has looked like during this difficult time.

"We just wanted it to be a way for us to bring people together and show our gratitude to all the essential workers and professionals that are risking their lives and working throughout this time," choir member Arathi Nair said.

Together, the group put together this breathtaking rendition of "Flashlight" by Jessie J.

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