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Blink-182's Travis Barker Back in Hospital

The San Diego pop-punk band postpones more shows as Travis Barker's health worsens

Last week, we reported that San Diego pop-punk kings Blink-182 were forced to postpone the June 15-16 dates of their Las Vegas residency shows at the Palms Casino due to drummer Travis Barker suffering from blood clots in both arms.

According to a new statement from the band Monday, their June 23-24 "Kings of the Weekend" Vegas shows have also been rescheduled as Barker's condition has not improved. TMZ reported earlier this week that Barker was released from the hospital on June 18 but was re-admitted the next day due to further health complications.

"He [Barker] has been ordered by his doctors to refrain from any activity that may cause further damage or cause the clots to travel," the band wrote on Twitter. "As it stands now, he will be prevented from playing until the beginning of July when everything will be re-evaluated."

The new show dates will be posted to Blink-182's website soon, and if ticket-holders are not able to attend the rescheduled dates, refunds will be made available at point of purchase.

On June 15, Barker wrote on Twitter that he was dealing with a staph infection in addition to the clots.

Blood clots -- when red blood cells and platelets coagulate and obstruct blood flow in a blood vessel -- can form for any number of reasons and lead to life-threatening conditions if not treated carefully.

A spokesperson for the group further reported this week that the drummer is also struggling with cellulitis, a skin infection.

In a statement, Barker's doctor wrote: "Treated appropriately with antibiotics and anti-coagulants, his condition should improve over the next few weeks. If untreated or exacerbated, this condition could result in severe adverse effects."

For someone like Barker, whose lifelong passion has been playing the drums, these medical issues must be excruciating to deal with. We wish you a speedy recovery, Travis!

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