The City of Coronado Adds Bicycle Maintenance Stations Along Bayshore Bikeway

The stations will include basic tools such as a screwdriver, Allen wrenches, tire levers and an air pump with a gauge.

bike fixtation 1

The City of Coronado has added a new amenity for cyclists along the Bayshore Bikeway.

Two bicycle repair stations called "Bike Fixtations", which give cyclists access to tools and a pump to make quick repairs right off the path, have been installed along the popular Class I bikeway.

One is located near Glorietta Boulevard and Fourth Street near the Golf Course. The other is located near Fiddler’s Cove.

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The stations will include a stand to hold a bike by the seat post while maintenance is performed, as well as basic tools such as a screwdriver, Allen wrenches, tire levers, and an air pump with a gauge securely attached.

Next time you are riding your bike in Coronado and realize you need a tool to make a quick fix, you can thank the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee for the free access to tools, as they were the driving force behind the initiative of the repair stations.

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