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San Diego Waterfront Could See Comic-Con-Sized Ads Year-Round

The Port Commission met Tuesday to discuss ad placements

The Port of San Diego and members of the public were expected to meet Tuesday afternoon to discuss the future of advertisements along the San Diego Bay waterfront.

Ads the size of buildings and digital kiosks could become permanent features under a Port Master Plan proposal, which creates guidelines for the land surrounding San Diego Bay.  

The Port Commission began allowing large advertisements or building wraps in the area with Comic-Con and other annual or infrequent events, but some people are concerned that these ads have already spread too much.

"Comic-Con – it’s a once a year event, then they started eking into Major League Baseball or whatever festival is here in town," said the director of Scenic San Diego, Pamela Wilson.

Wilson and others were concerned that the advertising may make San Diego Bay start to look like the next L.A., New York City, or Las Vegas.

The Port Commission was supposed to discuss the large ads in June but tabled the discussion.

Tuesday, the Board of Commissioners would hear a presentation outlining informational and wayfinding kiosks that could line the area and potentially house advertising.

The Port Commission assured that the Tuesday meeting was only the start of a discussion and no quick decisions would be made.

This is in part of a wider Port Master Plan Update by the commission for public service projects.

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