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Brazen Home Burglary Caught on Surveillance Cameras

The search is on for two men caught on camera ransacking a Bay Park garage and stealing $10,000 worth of the homeowner’s belongings.

Curtis Both shared surveillance video with NBC 7 from two cameras, one inside his garage and another above his driveway.

The men can be seen making multiple trips into the garage where tools, sporting equipment and other items were laid out for the taking. The robbery took place Saturday morning.

"They were just so brazen. They didn't have any gloves on. One guy made an attempt to cover up his face and stuff. The other guy is very recognizable,” Both said.

He says the thieves took his garage door opener, went into his garage, and stole two bikes, one worth $6,000, air soft equipment, ski equipment and power tools.

Both said his neighborhood is nice and he didn't expect thieves to break into his house

"I actually woke up, heard something, my dogs barked a little bit but didn't think anything of it,” Both said.

Both says the thieves were in the garage at 2 a.m. then they left and came back at 4 a.m.

Both’s garage is attached to his house, but there isn't a way to get into the house from the garage.

Knowing these men were stealing his stuff while he laid asleep makes Both feel unsettled.

"It's just the fact they were in there and I woke up once, you know, you just feel violated,” he said.

Though he lost out on some of his belongings, Both said he did learn a valuable lesson.

"Without a doubt, take your remotes out of your car if you're not parking your car in the garage,” he said.

Both said the San Diego police did take fingerprints and he's hoping that will help them capture the thieves.

No other information was available.

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