Around 20 Local Companies Hope to Send Proposals for Border Wall

Proposals are due March 29

Around 20 local companies are hoping to get in on President Trump’s border wall project.

Friday night, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sent two requests for proposals (RFP) asking for certain specifications on the wall.

Among the 12 specific requirements, the wall should be 30 feet, although CBP will accept heights of at least 18 feet, it should prevent tunneling up to six feet below ground, it should be hard to climb and breach and should look good from the north side. One of the RFP packages called for a concrete fence, while the other allowed for different materials.

“What they're looking for is ideas and descriptions on how to accomplish the wall,” said Brian Holley of vScenario, one of the companies submitting proposals for the project. vScenario is a construction management company with its Western Regional Office in San Diego.

“I really think the government is opening up and saying: 'we would like to see the vendors and security community come to us with solutions and really give them all of the opportunity to look at what is the best fit for them',” Holley said.

These points were all things his team has brainstormed about. On top of that, they're pitching a wall that's adaptable to all types of terrain.

“There's areas where waterways are in direct line of the border, very distinct mountain ranges, as well as areas that are actually Native American land,” he added.

The RFP package is about 132 pages. Holley said they're still combing through the specifics, but ultimately he thinks the winner of this contract will have best answered these three things:

“In the end, I think the government is going to be looking at what is the best solution and how does it meet our security objectives and how does it align with the budget that exists,” he said.

The wall is still in its first phase, and companies looking to send proposals have until March 29.

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