San Diego

Study: San Diegans Are Maxing Out Their Credit Cards

San Diego residents carry $6,629 in credit card balances on average. That's according to a new study by LendingTree. 

The study says nearly one in five (or 18 percent) of residents have at least one credit card maxed-out, one of the highest areas in the United States. 

That's second only to Oklahoma City, where 18.5 percent of residents have a maxed-out card. 

However, the study says that unlike Oklahoma City, San Diego residents also use more of their credit lines overall, with 32.8 percent utilization. That combination makes San Diego the highest-ranking metro on the LendingTree scale. 

To conduct the study, LendingTree analyzed more than a million users in 50 of the largest metropolitan areas to create a Maxed-Out Score between 0 to 100. 

Greenville, South Carolina has the least maxed-out credit cards of all the cities surveyed. 

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