Amazon Ranks San Diego Among Top 10 Most Well-Read Cities

A list compiled by Amazon ranks America's Finest City as the 10th "Most Well-Read" city in the U.S.

San Diego isn’t all sunshine and surf. According to Amazon, locals love getting cozy with a good book, too, as San Diego is ranked among the most well-read cities in the nation.

On Tuesday, Amazon released its annual list of the “Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities in the U.S.” and America’s Finest City ranked No. 10.

Amazon said the list was curated from a compilation of the company’s sales data from cities across the country, including purchases of all books, magazines and newspapers in both Kindle and print format.

The data shows California is home for bookworms, as three cities made the list for the second year in a row: San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose.

The Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities, according to Amazon are, in order:

• Seattle, Washington (home of Amazon’s headquarters, and last year’s No. 1 well-read city, too)
• Portland, Oregon
• Washington, D.C.
• San Francisco, California
• Austin, Texas
• Las Vegas, Nevada
• Tucson, Arizona
• Denver, Colorado
• Albuquerque, New Mexico
• San Diego, California
• Baltimore, Maryland
• Charlotte, North Carolina
• Louisville, Kentucky
• San Jose, California
• Houston, Texas
• Nashville, Tennessee
• Chicago, Illinois
• Indianapolis, Indiana
• Dallas, Texas
• San Antonio, Texas 

So, what are bibliophiles reading?

According to Amazon’s sales data, “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins was the top-selling Kindle and print title in five of the top 10 cities on the list, including San Diego.

Adult coloring books were also top-selling print titles in San Diego, as well as Denver, Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

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