‘Always Afraid': 911 Dispatcher's Home Burglarized

Carla Even is a dispatcher for the Chula Vista Police Department. Tuesday night she attended the city council meeting to discuss the issue surrounding the lack of officers. While at the meeting her home was burglarized.

Now Even and her family are picking up the pieces after thieves stole thousands of dollars in jewelry, guns and Army medals.

Her 12-year-old daughter, Krysta, told NBC 7 the most valuable thing lost is her sense of security. “I’m always afraid and don’t want to be alone anymore because I don’t want them to come back." 

Even’s ex-husband was dropping the girls off back at home when they noticed the front door wide open.

Later she learned the thieves entered the home through a bathroom window. From there, going directly into her bedroom, rummaging her drawers and clearing one once filled with irreplaceable sentiments.

Even told NBC 7 a few of the items missing from her drawer. “my 21-year-old daughter’s baby ring, her adoption ring, my dad’s dog tags, his Army medals." 

Being an emergency dispatcher for 17 years, she said this is not abnormal, but she wasn’t prepared to go through it herself.

"I know it’s different because it’s someone else, not me, but I thought I was this person who could handle anything, but it’s so different when it’s you,” Even admitted. 

She got the phone call from her family before she could speak at the council meeting. Even said she hopes her incident will shed light on the importance of adding more officers for investigation purposes.

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