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Air Travel Woes Continue into the New Year

New Year's Day saw thousands of flight delays and cancellations

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According to FlightAware there were 6,403 delays and 2,744 cancellations within the U.S. on New Year’s Day.

Some of those delays and cancellations hit the San Diego area as there were 110 flight delays and 30 flight cancellations at the San Diego International Airport.

“Our flight has been delayed,” Traveler Scott Salus said.

Travel issues have plagued the air travel world recently.

Many airlines blame the travel issues on labor shortages fueled by the omicron variant and inclement weather.

Many travelers NBC 7 spoke with were aware of the issues and factored that into their travel plans.

“I don’t know if this is good or bad but I was expecting delays since my last flight was so traumatic,” Traveler Olivia Mishler said.

The travel woes aren’t expected to be resolved soon as the omicron variant continues to spread and winter weather sweeps the country.

“For the upcoming weekend Delta projects daily cancels between 200 to 300 out of 4,000 daily departures,” Delta Airlines said in a statement.

Airlines are working to rebook passengers affected by delays and cancellations and to stop the travel disruptions.

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