Advertised Deal Turns Into Bundle Blunder For Escondido Woman

An Escondido woman says she thought she signed up for a great AT&T bundle package but the bills didn’t match what she agreed to.

Izabelle Doucet said she signed up for a special bundle package through AT&T when she saw an advertisement offering TV, internet and phone services for $89.99 a month for two years. 

“When I called, I asked if there was any fine print because I thought it was a very good price,” she said. “They have caused me so much trouble.” 

Izabelle signed up for the deal with monthly auto-payments but when the charges started coming, Izabelle said she wasn’t being charged the amount she agreed to. 

“It was $298 and $278, it was way up there,” Izabelle said. 

Izabelle said she tried calling AT&T representatives but was told a different story each time. During one call, she said she was told the charges were valid and part of the bundle rate but during another call, she said she was told the charges were made in error. 

By Izabelle’s count, she said she had overpaid AT&T more than $400 and she was getting nowhere with AT&T representatives. 

“It always turns out to be a fish tale, nothing happens,” Izabelle said. 

Izabelle said the only option she had was to ask NBC 7 Responds for help. We contacted AT&T and at first, the company only removed half of the charges, stating the rest was owed for the bundle plan. After NBC 7 Responds explained the price and details for the plan Izabelle had initially signed up for, the company reduced Izabelle’s balance to zero. 

Izabelle said she was not offered a refund for the amount she overpaid AT&T but she is happy the balance the company said she owed will now go away.

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