Accused Police Shooter Has Lengthy Criminal Record

The suspect accused of fatally shooting a San Diego police officer and seriously hurting a second officer has an extensive criminal history of firearm and drug charges, court records show.

Jesse Michael Gomez, 52, is in custody at UC San Diego Medical Center, as he receives treatment for gunshot wounds he suffered during Thursday’s shooting.

He’s accused of killing San Diego Police Officer Jonathan De Guzman and seriously hurting Officer Wade Irwin during some type of confrontation; officers have not yet released details on what led up to the shooting.

Investigators said the shooting happened during a traffic or pedestrian stop, but the specific circumstances aren’t yet clear.

Police have not yet said whether the shooting was an “ambush-style” attack.

Police said investigators followed a trail of blood from the shooting to a ravine off 38th Street in Shelltown to find Gomez.

Last Friday, officers also arrested a potential second suspect, Marcos Cassani. He was booked in the San Diego County Jail on an unrelated narcotics warrant and later released from custody.

He is no longer believed to be directly involved in the police shooting, officers said Monday.

According to court records, Gomez has an extensive criminal history: he has previous convictions of carrying a concealed firearm, carrying a firearm while under the influence of methamphetamine and being a convicted felon while having a firearm. He also has a 1983 joyriding conviction.

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