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Your Cable Bill Just Went Up -- Maybe



    Your Cable Bill Just Went Up -- Maybe

    If you have Time Warner Cable, your bill is about to go up.

    Customers can expect a 4-5 percent increase on their December bill, said Time Warner Cable's local Vice President of Public Affairs Marc Farrar.

    Some customers will not see an increase, Farrar said, because many have signed up for packages, which locks in the rate.

    If you have basic cable, the cost will rise form $19.99 per month to about $20.99, digital cable will increase from $55.99 to about $58.79.

    Notifications have gone out for the last month, informing customers of the impending change.

    Farrar said the changes are due to an increase in the company’s cost of doing business -- everything from the cost of supplies to the cost of gas has increased, according to Farrar. In addition, the company has had to negotiate new contracts with its programmers.

    "The companies want to generate more money for their product," Farrar said.

    Any increases in those contracts are funneled to cable customers, Farrar explained. He added that the company does everything it can to keep costs as low as it can. Recently, the company finished negotiating a contract dispute with ABC. At the beginning of the year, Farrar said, the company had to renegotiate with Fox, and in 2009, MTV Networks.

    Farrar said the cost of doing business is going up and programming is the biggest factor.