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Gas Prices: Still Too High?

Today's gas prices are way down from the record-high exactly one year ago, during the so-called "Gaspocalypse"



    Some called it "Gaspocalypse" -- record gas prices that stunned drivers every time they filled their tank in October 2012.

    In San Diego, the price hit $4.72 a gallon on October 8, 2012, and it was the highest price on record for regular gas. Now, one year later, prices are down nearly 90-cents, to an average of $3.83.

    But for local Manny Mesa, these lower prices aren't enough.

    "When it goes down to $3.59 or something like that, that's cheap," said Mesa. 

    Are Gas Prices Still Too High?

    [DGO] Are Gas Prices Still Too High?
    It’s an anniversary every commuter would rather forget: exactly one year ago, gas prices hit their all-time high in San Diego. Though gas prices are much lower today, are we still paying too much? NBC 7’s Consumer Bob reports.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013)

    He's not alone.

    Drivers filling up their tanks at the Supreme Gasoline in Chula Vista Thursday said they have a hard time calling current prices cheap.

    "In California, I don't think we have cheap gas," said Christina Valencia.

    "Gas isn't going to go down, it's always going to go up," said David McCollugh. "It's not going to get any better."

    Economics professor Alan Gin from the University of San Diego says high gas prices impact the overall economy, whether you drive much or not.

    "There has been a strong negative correlation between gas prices and consumer confidence," said Gin. "As gas prices go up, consumer confidence drops."

    Prices are going down right now but any disruption at a California refinery could change that -- just like it did one year ago.

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