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Train Overturns Truck



    Train Overturns Truck

    Note to self: when crossing railroad tracks, make sure you can get to the other side.

    A truck driver was crossing the railroad tracks at Pacific Highway and Washington Tuesday just after 7 a.m. when traffic in front of him stopped. So there he sat, straddling the railroad tracks until suddenly an Amtrack train traveling northbound slammed into him.

    The crash forced the truck to overturn and caused some delays for commuters on the train and driving near the area.

    Tamara McDonald and her fiance were in the first car which hit the truck.

    "It was kinda freaky," she said. "When we hit the brakes I knew something was wrong."

    "My adrenaline was going and I kinda freaked out," she said.

    No one was injured in the crash and no damage was done to the train, according to police.