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Social Security Offices Reduce Hours

Agency was denied funding and forced to make cuts



    Social Security Offices Reduce Hours
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    Social Security offices will close their doors half an hour early because of reduced funding starting Aug. 15.

    Social Security offices are cutting their daily service hours by 30 minutes next month, reports our media partner North County Times.

    The agency is blaming Congress for the cut, saying legislators failed to provide the agency with nearly $1 billion in requested funding. Local congressional representatives said the agency is wrong to shorten the hours when the public can come in for service.

    Starting Aug. 15 the seven Social Security offices in San Diego will have to close the doors half an hour earlier. The staff will still work an eight-hour day, but hope to curb overtime hours with the earlier closure.
    Rep. Darrell Issa of Vista said the agency's move is a disservice.

    "The Social Security Administration owes its customers ---- taxpayers ---- better than to reduce services in a move that has more than a tinge of partisan gamesmanship about it," Issa said. "It's disappointing that a government agency that sent $18 million in stimulus checks to dead people is cutting face time with the public."

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