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Roads Are Icy Out There

The CHP is warning drivers to slow down



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    Spencer Thornburg
    Joe Denton's truck flipped 3 or 4 times on icy roads Wednesday.

    Ice and snow along Interstate 8 are causing big problems for drivers in the East County.

    One driver flipped his car on the icy roads in Pine Valley this morning.

    "I was just cruising down the highway going about 60 65 and next thing I knew started fishtailing, said Joe Denton. "I tapped on the brakes and went for a little ride after that."

    Denton said he hit the ice and flipped three or four times, taking out an emergency call box and dumping the items he was carrying in the bed of his truck.

    "I had no sense of control when it was happening so I just kind of went with it," Denton said.

    A snow plow pulled up to the scene quickly after the accident followed by the CHP.

    The slick conditions had officers responding to dozens of similar accidents.

    "Bottom line is people need to slow down they need to pay attention," said Brian Pennings with the CHP. "Just because the speed limit is 65 or 70 doesn't mean that's a safe speed."

    Denton said he was on his way to see family in El Centro and knew the drive was icy.

    "My dad warned me this morning so either a good warning or he jinxed me," he said.

    High Wind Warning Issued

    [DGO] High Wind Warning Issued
    Gusts as high as 60 mph are expected this afternoon in the mountains.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2009)

    Other than a few small cuts, he appeared to be okay. The biggest surprise - the two mirrors he was transporting were not broken.

    CalTrans is sanding the roads to help improve traction for drivers. CHP officials caution everyone to watch out for shaded areas of the road where the ice takes longer to melt.