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Ramona Residents With Storm Damage Don't Have Flood Insurance



    No Flood Insurance For Damaged Homes

    After homes in Ramona were ravaged by flash floods last weekend, many residents have discovered they don't have flood insurance. NBC7's Greg Bledsoe reports. (Published Tuesday, July 21, 2015)

    After torrential rains flooded roads and damaged homes in Ramona Sunday, many homeowners will be paying for the damage themselves because they don’t have flood insurance.

    Most residents either didn't know they needed additional coverage or didn’t purchase it because it’s too expensive.

    Over the weekend, a river of mud and debris submerged Cindi Schildhouse’s yard, flooding the house and garage, killing dozens of koi fish in a pond. Because of the costs, however, flood insurance wasn’t an option.

    "The price for what they're willing to cover just isn't worth it. It wouldn't have covered most of this damage anyway…So, it'll be out of our pocket,” Schildhouse said Tuesday.

    Luis Gonzales, another neighbor whose property was damaged by the storm, said he will also have to cover the costs himself. "I have AAA, called them, and they said we're not covered for flood," he told NBC 7.

    Gina Adair left her home after the flood buried it in more than a foot of mud. She said she didn’t know flood insurance wasn’t considered an act of god. “We have catastrophic damage,” Adair said of her house. "We're looking at a lot of money to repair this."

    People with property damage due to the flood can fill out this form on the county’s website, which decides if it might qualify for federal assistance.

    Those who need immediate assistance should call the Red Cross at 858-414-8051.