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Puppy Survives Coyote Attack, Up for Adoption



    Puppy Survives Coyote Attack, Up for Adoption
    Helen Woodward Animal Center
    Rocky, a puppy that survived a coyote attack at less than two months old.

    An 8-week old puppy, snatched up by a coyote, survived the attack and is expected to be up for adoption tomorrow.

    The dog named Rocky suffered a bite covering the area from his tail to his armpit when he was snatched from his litter by a hungry coyote.

    “We have no idea how he managed to get away, but he paid the price with a gaping, open wound that ran the length of his left side,” spokesperson John Van Zante said in a news release from the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

    He’s described as the runt of the Shepherd-blend litter weighing in at less than five pounds.

    The center’s veterinarian believes Rocky will heal from the attack and grow to be a healthy 40-pound family dog.

    Prospective families can apply to adopt him beginning Wednesday, Van Zante said.

    His adoption fee will be $295 plus a 1-time microchip registration fee. His adopting family will receive 2 passes to SeaWorld and a certificate for a 1-night stay at Club Pet boarding at HWAC.

    For more information visit the Center at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa, Fe, call 858-756-4117, or log on to www.animalcenter.org.