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Pipeline Break Could Prompt Price Hike



    Pipeline Break Could Prompt Price Hike
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    Gas is pumped into a vehicle.

    Could a break in an Alaskan oil pipeline drive up San Diego gas prices? That's one concern as gas prices threaten to go even higher.

    Prices went up a penny over the weekend and could rise another five cents a gallon through the week.

    The 800-mile pipeline supplies roughly 25 percent of the crude oil that is used by West Coast refineries. The leak is actually small but officials have temporarily shut down the entire line. So far California's fuel supply is high and may counter any problem.

    The average price for regular in San Diego County is $3.34. 

    Rather than wait for a potential price hike, it would be best to fill your tank on Monday or Tuesday and then shop around for the best prices through the week.