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Officials Vow to Crack Down on Occupy'ers

Five people were arrested over the weekend in San Diego



    Officials Vow to Crack Down on Occupy'ers
    Video reportedly shows the arrest of Robert O'Grady on Saturday November 12, 2011.

    Officials in Oakland arrested more than 20 people early Monday in a sweep to remove tents. In other cities across the country, officials are urging an end to similar protests after three deaths in different cities, including two by gunfire.

    Police from Oakland and other Bay Area departments are removing tents from the protest at Frank Ogawa Plaza according to NBC Bay Area.

    In San Diego, police arrested four people Sunday in the Civic Center Plaza downtown. The Occupy movement, once located in the center of the plaza, has been moved to grassy areas just outside the plaza.

    Officers said the arrests took place over a few hours Sunday afternoon. Protesters were arrested on various charges ranging from public drunkenness to battery.

    Officials with the San Diego police department said one person was arrested at noon for public drunkenness. Three others were arrested at  5 p.m., one for public drunkenness and two for resisting arrest officers said. 

    On Saturday morning, officers approached Robert O’Grady, 28, who had rolled out a sleeping bag inside the Civic Center's Concourse area.

    Officers asked O’Grady to leave the area, citing that protesters were told they were no longer able to sleep there.

    Officers said O’Grady refused to leave and was arrested minutes later.

    After searching O’Grady, officers said they found narcotics for which O'Grady did not have a prescription.

    A video of Saturday's arrest was later uploaded to Youtube.

    Also this weekend, several Occupy protesters were arrested in other cities: 

    In Salt Lake City, police arrested 19 people Saturday when protesters refused to leave a park a day after a man as found dead inside his tent at the encampment.

    In Albany, N.Y., police arrested 24 Occupy Albany protesters after they defied an 11 p.m. curfew in a state-owned park.

    In Denver, authorities arrested four people as they forced protesters to leave a downtown encampment.

    In San Francisco, police said two demonstrators attacked two police officers in separate incidents during a march, leaving them with minor injuries. The assailants couldn't be located.

    Last week Occupy San Diego protesters announced they would seek an injunction against the city asking that they be allowed to stay at the Civic Center 24 hours a day without the threat of being arrested for falling asleep or protesting.

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