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Verdict in Courthouse Bombing



    A federal jury convicted a man Monday for a scheme in which he persuaded his girlfriend to bomb a federal courthouse so he could turn her in to the FBI for reward money.

    The jury found Donny Love Sr. guilty on all 10 charges, including the use of weapons of mass destruction for the being the mastermind behind the May 4, 2008 backpack bombing incident that shattered glass doors at the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Courthouse, the same building where he was convicted Monday.

    Surveillance video released Monday shows a person placing a backpack in front of the federal courthouse, lighting it on fire and running from the scene. Then, there’s a huge flash.

    The explosion shattered glass doors and broke a window across the street.

    Courthouse Bombing Mastermind Convicted

    [DGO] Courthouse Bombing Mastermind Convicted
    Donny Love was convicted of 10 charges in the bombing of a San Diego federal courthouse on May 4, 2008. Among the charges are conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.
    (Published Tuesday, June 7, 2011)

    Authorities say Rachelle Carlock, is the person in the video.

    Ron Godwin, manages the El Cajon Gun Exchange.

    After the bombing, the FBI told Godwin and other employees to keep an eye out for anyone buying gunpowder.

    New Arrest in Federal Courthouse Bombing

    [DGO] New Arrest in Federal Courthouse Bombing
    The alleged mastermind in the May 2008 bombing is indicted but investigators still have no motive.
    (Published Friday, June 18, 2010)

    Just days later, he said Carlock came into his store. “In this case, since the person we had in front of us matched a composite that the FBI had showed us, the powder matched what they were looking for,” said Godwin.

    Godwin was suspicious.

    “When I walked up and asked what is was for and was given a nonsensical answer, you know things didn't add up at that point.”

    Godwin alerted the FBI, which led to Carlock's arrest. She and two others later pleaded guilty to their involvement.

    Last week, Godwin testified in the case against Love, the mastermind in the attack.

    “That inappropriate use put other people in danger including your family and mine. I am very happy that this has been resolved that we have taken one more person out of the picture that would harm us.”

    Love instructed Rachelle Lynette Carlock and Ella Louise Sanders to purchase explosive powder and to steal bomb-making materials. Prosecutors say Love and others constructed pipe bombs at his residence in Menifee in Riverside County.

    According to testimony presented at trial, Carlock and Eric Reginald Robinson drove from Love's residence to San Diego with a backpack containing three pipe bombs, and Carlock then detonated the bombs at the front doors of the federal courthouse.

    After the bombing, Love met with FBI agents and offered to provide information in return for $75,000 in reward money, and help in dismissing two state court convictions for which he was facing six years in prison, prosecutors said.

    Love was convicted of 10 charges, including conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.

    He faces 30 years in prison when he's sentenced November 14.