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Kids Rescued From Flood Waters



    Kids Rescued From Flood Waters

    Four young boys are glad to back on solid ground Tuesday night, after being caught in flood waters running through Manzanita Canyon.

    The boys, ages 11 to 14, were collecting rocks near a culvert pipe at the foot of 39th Street in City Heights, when one became stuck below the pipe in the rushing water, said captain Mike McBride from the San Diego Fire Department.

    The other children tried to pull him free, but one by one each became trapped, McBride said.

    The boys realized they needed help and called 911 with a cell phone.

    McBride said the boys could have easily washed away. Paramedics on the scene checked the boys for sign of hypothermia.

    Everyone should steer clear of areas filled with water and mud, McBride says, or anywhere there is potential to slip and fall.

    "It's a good idea not to travel into these drainage areas at all, stay away from them if you are out there," McBride said.

    He says it is easy to fall down one of these pipes and get washed away.