First 'Winter-Like' Storm of the Season Hits San Diego - NBC 7 San Diego

First 'Winter-Like' Storm of the Season Hits San Diego



    Scattered Rains Soak San Diego

    NBC 7's Vanessa Herrera followed the rain to Balboa Park where youngsters were enjoying the rare opportunity to stomp around in puddles. (Published Monday, Nov. 21, 2016)

    San Diego experienced its first "winter-like" storm of the season on Monday, giving people an excuse to finally bring out the winter sweaters and umbrellas.

    San Diego resident Tiffany Epps recently had to purchase a new umbrella because hers broke. 

    “I seen they had a pink one and I was like this is perfect. I'm going to grab this one before somebody else does," Epp said.

    Rancho Bernardo resident Mandana Soltani, and her young son Nikhal, spent the day at Balboa Park where it rained on and off all day. Soltani says she loves the rain.

    “We are waiting for it for a long time, actually," she added.

    Many local students have the week off for the Thanksgiving holiday and packed into Balboa Park to spend their free time.

    While some enjoyed the weather, while others worried about the safety of drivers.

    San Diego resident Chad Gemelli said he though rain is great, if you are not on the roads.

    "Everybody drives a little crazy but it's San Diego so it's understandable. Nobody knows how to drive in it," Gemelli said.

    A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol says there were roughly 180 accidents on the roads from midnight until noon on Monday. The average is 140.

    Gemelli’s daughter is a fan of the cartoon Peppa Pig, which has an episode on jumping in mud puddles. So that is how he spent the day with his little one, who finally had a reason to wear her rain boots.

    "She puts them on even when it's sunny so it's actually appropriate today."

    Others told NBC 7 that they were happy the rain is helping the ongoing drought in California.

    “Watering plants, it costs a lot of money. And if the rain comes, the rain saves some money,” Balboa Park visitor Olivia said.