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Firebug Strikes in Clairemont: Officials



    Firebug Strikes in Clairemont: Officials

    Fire investigators are looking for an arson suspect after seven separate fires burned along one street in Clairemont Sunday.

    Fires broke out along Balboa Avenue near Mt. Everest Boulevard around 6 p.m.

    Steven Moyers was just sitting down for dinner when someone knocked on the door yelling fire.

    When he ran outside, he saw fire spread up and down the street.

    Moyers, a former firefighter with MCAS Miramar, grabbed his backyard hose and helped other residents beat back the fire with shovels.

    “When fire starts in six different places in one little block then you can figure it’s somebody playing games,” he said.

    Fire investigators said they found a book of matches at one of the burn sites.

    The burn areas were full of dry grass and weeds just behind the residences' backyard fences.

    Firefighters were able to put the flames out within 20 minutes.